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Professionals from the world’s leading organizations have been trained to use the Korem Profiling System, including:

American Airlines
British Airways
Cedar-Sinai Medica
Citi Bank
Ernst and Young
Farmers Insurance
Lockheed Martin
Mercedes Benz
NASA Space Center
University of Chicago
US Air Force
United Space Alliance
World Bank

Client Appreciation

“The best interview training our department has ever received.”

—S.G., Director of Internal Audit, Continental Airlines

“The training was an excellent educational experience, with ACTUAL, practical applications.”

—P.D., Director of Security, NASA Space Center

“Very valuable training. The best I have attended.”

—L.R., Human Resource Manager, College of William and Mary

“I commanded the 2nd Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group and the Kabul Multi-National Brigade in Kabul, Afghanistan from July 2003 to January 2004. I interacted with national and tactical commanders on a regular basis, Afghan authorities, religious leaders, nomads and more. The job of a leader is to influence people for mission success and The Art of Profiling assisted me in successfully accomplishing my mission. Thanks.”

—Peter Devlin, Lt. Brig. Gen., Deputy Commander, Fort Hood

Recent comments from team at Raytheon

"Thank you for presenting The Art of Profiling to our team. Your session offered valuable insights to formal and informal interpersonal engagements and gave our group real time application of the learning principles for reading people right the first time. I wanted to share feedback on your workshop; the quotes below come from a dialogue facilitated by our VP, as well as subsequent email messages forwarded to me:

"I used the process right away to profile other speakers [company leaders, subsequent presenters at our All Hands learning event], this will be very valuable for audits."

"[The process] helps me understand myself better and will enable me to better partner with process owners."

"We spend a lot of time in our planning phase; [profiling] will shorten the time required to get information needed."

"Using profiling to gain trust will help us get better information and build stronger relationships."

"The interactive tool Dan used involved everyone and made the presentation much more enjoyable - it also helped drive home our improvement as a group."

"The skills Dan taught were extremely transferable - I feel like any profession could gain from using the skills he taught."

"I appreciated that Dan gave us all copies of his book so that we could refer to them for more details on the items he presented."

"Dan's presentation was engaging and definitely useful in enhancing our day to day operations and interactions."

The Art of Profiling offers a clear process and skill enhancement plan relevant to any discipline. We all benefit by building trust, strengthening relationships and shortening the cycle of gathering business and mission critical information. I enjoyed partnering with you and have already shared both your book and an overview of the workshop with contacts beyond the audit community. On behalf of our team and leadership, thank you again for delivering a professional, engaging and valuable session."

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