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Senior level executives and team leaders use rapid-fire profiling to lead and direct teams and quickly develop consensus within teams. In cross-cultural organizations where time is short for making decisions, senior level executives and team leaders will benefit from rapid-fire profiling. Some examples:

Fortune 500 Merger

When United and Continental merged, K&A trained a strategic team that monitored the successful integration of each company's systems. Understanding the human factor was critical for success. Using the Korem Profiling System, the team, comprised of 25 professionals from each company, collectively identified and agreed on the following in just 20 minutes:

  • The unique profile of each company
  • The 3 key factors to leverage in each company
  • The 3 key factors to not activate

Cautious Innovator Profile

This is the fastest growing profile in the workforce and it baffles team leaders. It was identified by Dan Korem in the early 1990s while providing workshops for K-12 education professionals where he saw the profile in its formation stage. It extends across all generation groups and affects up to 50% of incoming staff. A conflicting profile on the surface, K&A solved the ridddle of how to lead these professionals and how to produce measurable results in days. Invaluable for innovative, technology-driven organizations.

C Suite Worst Profilers - Predicting the Collapse of Andersen

Three years before the collapse of Andersen, Dan gave a keynote to the managing partners. He made just one read of the group and predicted the demise of one of the world's most trusted audit companies. The lesson is that most organization leaders need a "Profiling Swiss Army Knife." When their profiling accuracy is tested they do just as poorly as sales professionals. Our first clients were members of the Young Presidents Organization. Here are typical ways board-level executives use rapid-fire profiling: quickly profile teams on location; build consensus; negotiations; avoid or terminate destructive deals.

Team Connection

Teams that don't function often can't communicate and/or can't perform as a unit. This can be quickly corrected when they learn to profile together and self-diagnose solutions. It is far more effective to let team members profile each other than using a self-assessment instrument as they take ownership. Most of our clients solve human factor productivity issues in two days or less. They not only take ownership, they have direct control without relying upon complicated psychological testing and grids.

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