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When their profiling skills are tested, sales professionals have the lowest profiling accuracy of any profession before they acquire the skill. This is because they tend to operate from the hip, which wastes time and leads to ineffective sales strategies, inhibits trust, etc. Equipped with the skill, though, they can produce stunning results.

Reduce Time to Promote Trust

The senior VP of a major company reduced the time it took to build trust with clients from 20 to 5 minutes. Yes, she was timed.

Reduce Cancellations

A newcomer to the life insurance industry reduced cancellations by 13% in just 3 weeks. He became the #2 first-year-performer out of college for one of the three largest North American companies.

Close Deals

One of the largest land deals in the Northwest was stalled for two years. A negotiator brought the parties together, used the Korem Profiling System, and the deal closed in hours. In another major deal that languished, a consultant profiled the key VP, modified an email based upon the VP’s profile, the deal closed that day.

Foreign Negotiations

Our first client was the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). Members must be the president of a large company before they turn 40. They explained to Dan Korem that they were regularly misreading those at the table during foreign negotiations. They wanted to profile cultural nuances separate from a person’s actual profile and identify in this order: How someone communicates, operates, and make decisions. The Korem Profiling System is the only rapid-fire system that accomplishes this with quantifiable accuracy.

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