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rapid-fire profiling & classroom instruction

It started a few years ago at Texas A&M and LeHigh University. At A&M, Dan trained almost 100 student leaders how to profile and they attained 90% accuracy in just a half a day of instruction.

Then, he was asked to be an executive in residence at LeHigh University for their MBA program, and the graduate students attained similar accuracy.

Educators have always been fascinated how Dan and his colleagues predict classroom performance before they started instruction. And they always perform as they predict. "How do you do it?" teachers ask.

The secret: Dan profiles every class and changes instruction based on the profile. He and his adjunct faculty do this even in countries where workshop participants can't speak English and he can't speak their language!

Finally, after years of requests, in 2010, Dan and his wife Sandy donated over $200K of training to an entire school district: Pampa Independent School District (3500 students). It's located in the Texas Panhandle. Over 50% of the students have economic challenges. Dan trained every faculty member, counselor, administrator . . . and 50 students . . . how to profile and use it to drive comprehension and retention. It was the first school system in the world where all staff and student leaders could rapid-fire profile.

Principal Tanya Larkin, Pampa ISD

The highlight was the day 50 students learned to profile with their teachers led by prinicpal Tanya Larkin, who is a member of Harvard's esteemed principal academy. Using interactive keypad technology, they profiled clips of adults and students and the K&A software tracked all responses so Dan knew how all 100 were performing . . . and yes, they attained over 80% accuracy by the end of the day . . . something Dan predicted! Imagine if you could tell your students how well they would do in a subject before they even started!

Once the students and staff were equipped with rapid-fire profiling, the results were amazing. All at-risk markers down, academic performance up. The students immediately went to work to help their teachers increase their performance! In just 90 days, over 90% of the high school students passed every course! Just read the students insights.

Students profiling with their teachers

Dan and Tanya Larkin

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