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Korem & Associates provides consulting and training for a wide variety of clients from senior executives to European banking sales teams to Fortune 500 audit groups to Division 1 and professional athletic coaches. Each year we donate up to 20% of our time assisting education, law enforcement, and military organizations and units on critical issues. Our motivational engine is driven by a committed curiosity to find new ways to help people.

How It All Started

Dan, a critically acclaimed investigative journalist, author, and documentary producer, developed the Korem Profiling System in the early 1990s at the request of members of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). They wanted a profiling system for foreign negotiations where they regularly failed to accurately read people at the table and fell into stereotype traps. They thought Dan could help because of his ability to quickly assess and obtain the cooperation of people he just met for interviews. When asked what they wanted to know, in what order, and why, here is what they said:

  1. How does someone prefer to communicate, so we can quickly develop trust and avoid missteps?
  2. How do people prefer to operate, so we know their comfort zone?
  3. How does someone make decisions, because negotiations require decision making.

With the help of behavioral science experts, the Korem Profiling System was developed and published in Dan's now classic book, The Art of Profiling — Reading People Right the First Time (1997). The expanded and updated 2nd ed. was released in 2012.

Dan then used his documentary production skills to shoot video clips of real people in real situations which are used to test the profiling accuracy of those trained. Finally, to ensure results, he integrated interactive wireless keypads so that class comprehension and retention is always validated. The rest is history as our clients continue to uncover new and amazing results-producing applications.

Our Philosophy

I know who you are. Good for me. Better for you.
It’s the art of treating people right the first time.

Dan penned his philosophy for his system in the The Art of Profiling, and it hasn’t changed. It's not a slogan, but a driving force in our professional and personal lives.

Our Faculty

Consultancy and instruction is provided by Dan and/or one of our adjunct faculty who are subject matter experts for specific professional needs.

Dan Korem

Dan is the author of a number of critically acclaimed books, speaks to groups around the world, and has an insatiable curiosity about people. In 1995, he started International Focus Press. IFP is a small press that publishes books on issues that affect people globally, and the press is growing. IFP was also the first press to use the internet to act as a “live addendum” for non-fiction books, so readers are kept updated on important issues without additional cost.

Dan’s hobbies include golf, where he discovered how to cure the “putting yips” using the Korem Profiling System—something that plagues golfers everywhere. His other hobby relates to his first profession. Starting at age 9, Dan was a professional sleight-of-hand artist—a professional magician—and he wrote and published several books on the art.

Dan has been joyfully married for 40 years to Sandy and they have three children and three grandchildren.

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