Hardcover, 380 pages
120 color photographs/illustrations
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Reading & Treating People
Right the First Time

If you want to learn how to read people using the Korem Profiling System® (KPS), we recommend that you start with Snapshot. It’s a fast read and you’ll learn scores of applications that you can use today. It was written for professionals who needed just one of the KPS reads and not the whole system. When you finish and want to take a deeper dive and learn the entire KPS, next read The Art of Profiling. You’ll learn the complete system, it’s capabilities, and have access to the twenty 3-page comprehensive profiles.  MORE
Hardcover, illustrated, 261 pages
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The Art of Profiling

Reading People Right The First Time
2nd Expanded Ed.

More professionals have been trained to use the Korem Profiling System® than any other on-the-spot rapid-fire behavioral profiling system in the world—over 45,000. The Art of Profiling contains all the techniques that makes the KPS work as well as the twenty 3-page comprehensive profiles. Learn how to profile almost anyone—even if you can’t speak their language—with systematic accuracy and without stereotyping (like racial, ethnic and cultural stereotyping). The expanded 2nd ed. has over seventy new pages of refinements and four new comprehensive profiles.  MORE
Hardcover, 523 pages
173 photographs/illustrations
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Rage of the Random Actor

Disarming Catastrophic Acts
And Restoring Lives

Rage of the Random Actor tells the powerful story of the many cases where mass acts of violence have been stopped and individual lives restored using the Random Actor profile in the Korem Profiling System®. It connects the dots that answer so many questions that are vital to our future. Dan Korem predicted the trend and identified a three-point intervention that guides a person out of the Random Actor profile without racial, ethnic, or gender stereotyping.  MORE
Hardcover, 283 pages
70 photographs
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Suburban Gangs

The Affluent Rebels

Gangs in suburbs and small towns—statistically safe locales—are reemerging. This classic text by investigative journalist Dan Korem answers why gangs form outside the inner-city for the first time in North American & European history, the types of gangs forming, and the Missing Protector Strategy (MPS) that stops gang formation (which was first successfully applied in a high-crime inner-city community). Based on seven years of research in eleven countries, Korem’s book, is one of the most widely quoted on the subject and has been used as curriculum at many universities and law enforcement agencies. MORE