Suburban Gangs

Gangs in suburbs and small towns—statistically safe locales—are reemerging. This classic text by investigative journalist Dan Korem answers why gangs form outside the inner-city for the first time in North American & European history, the types of gangs forming, and the Missing Protector Strategy (MPS) that stops gang formation (which was first successfully applied in a high-crime inner-city community). Based on seven years of research in eleven countries, Korem’s book, is one of the most widely quoted on the subject and has been used as curriculum at many universities and law enforcement agencies.



The Affluent Rebels

Minneapolis, Tucson, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boca Raton, Florida, England, Germany, Hungary, and even Switzerland all experienced the appearance of these new and dangerous youth gangs.

Why has this occurred? What can be done about it? Those who must confront inner-city gangs will also find invaluable information, including the only proven gang prevention strategy that will stop gangs from forming.

Dan Korem, an internationally recognized expert on these types of groups, has extensively documented and exhaustively researched the answers to these questions.

Based upon seven years of research in eleven countries, the core of Korem’s research is just as relevant today as when it was first published in 1995.

As he vividly peels away the mystique of these gangs, you will meet youths from around the globe who each could just have easily lived in the same affluent American neighborhood.

Ivan Rock—An English teenager who ran with an Englis soccer gang, common in Europe.

Amy—Member of an occultic drug-selling gang.

Kuba—A middle-class Polish youth who went from wearing Jamaican dreadlocks to shaving his head and forming a skinhead gang (he was Poland’s first skinhead) to leaving his gang and getting a stable job as a statistician.

Laced with riveting accounts and lucidly written for both professionals and laymen, SUBURBAN GANGS identifies the following critical information:

  • Proven gang prevention strategy that stops gangs from forming in both affluent and inner-city communities. (In one group of over 400 inner-city youths, not one joined a gang in six years.)

  • The Missing Protector Factor & Strategy: The one factor, above all others, that increases a youth’s risk of gang involvement. The strategy was first applied with over 700 inner-city youths over a period of six years: Not one youth joined a gang, not one teenage girl became pregnant, and many made all A’s and B’s at school.

  • Profile of an affluent gang member.

  • Gang types found in affluent communities and their activities.

  • Disengagement strategy and the eleven reasons why youths disengage from gangs.

  • Unique survey of skinhead gang members and the most common reason they disengaged from their gang.

  • European parallels that foreshadow affluent gang trends in the US.

  • Unique photographic pictorial that shows how and why youth gang cultures in the US and Europe influenced each other for the first time in modern history.


“A rare find…A masterful text…The Korem Profiling System® will separate you from the masses when it comes to reading people right the first time.”

From the FOREWARD by James T. Reese, Ph.D.

FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit

Hardcover, 283 pages
70 photographs
Price: $29.95


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